Maude’s Ginger Pie

“the earth is my body, my head is in the stars”

Maude serves her Ginger Pie with Oat Straw Tea (known to sooth and calm unwanted emotions such as stress, anxiety and fatigue). This tasty pie has a pumpkin twist and looks perfect decorated with stars.

Created especially for the book by Sarah Chavez, Executive Director at the Order of the Good Death. Her fascinating blog, Nourishing Death examines the relationship between food and death in ritual, culture, religion and society.

Maude’s Birthday Cake

“Happy Birthday Maude”

This Champagne flavoured cake with strawberry frosting is perfect for a birthday party, a funeral tea, or just an afternoon at home. You can enjoy it alone or share it with friends, either way, ‘be somebody’ and bake a cake.

Created especially for the book by edible art extraordinaire Conjurer’s Kitchen. Annabel possesses the magical powers to bring your dreams (and nightmares) to life… all through the medium of cake. 

Maude’s Chrysanthemum Brandy Cordial

“Its a new experience for me”

This warming cocktail is based on the very drink Maude makes for Harold in Higgins’ novella, it is even made with real Chrysanthemums. So, don your best kimono and dust off the hookah (and cafetiere!) to enjoy this delicious new experience.

Created especially for the book by the ever wonderful ladies at The Moon Underwater. They are a themed cocktail bar service like no other, creating immersive, atmospheric pop-up bar experiences with sets, costumes, bar menus and playlists.